Location véhicule à Dakar Sénégal

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Camion Bache

MAN TGL truck WITH TARPAULIN - FOR A CONVINCING MARKET DYNAMIC. Maximum manageability for each application: one-as-buy-to-one, one-time-make-one-time-as-good-make-view, one-time-make-as-good-make-vie...

Suzuki Vitera

Rent your 4x4 suzuki Vitera with or without driver anywhere in Senegal and the sub-region. During your 4WD rental, Suzuki will provide you with all the safety standards you need to travel in comple...

Audi A5

Rent an Audi A7 in Senegal with driver, rent your Audi A7 in Dakar for all your prestigious trips with this top-of-the-range sedan to make the difference when travelling in Senegal and Sub-Region, Wi...

Toyota RAV4

Rent your Toyota RAV4 in Senegal with or without driver, rent a Toyota RAV4 SUV in Dakar for all your trips. Crossed all the limits when travelling in Senegal and Sub-Region, with the rental of 4x4 T...

Ford Explorer

Rent a Ford Explorer SUV in Senegal for all your prestigious trips, rent this 4x4 with or without driver for all your trips in Senegal and Sub-Region, the rental in Dakar allows you to drive in peace ...


Rental of grader for your works in Dakar and all over Senegal, 

Rent our grader for safe and quality work for your construction sites in Dakar and throughout Senegal at the...


Bulldozer rental in Dakar and throughout Senegal and the sub-region for all your work,

Rent your bulldozer in Dakar and everywhere in Senegal and the sub-region,

Several c...